Our Top 4 Cardigan Recommendations For Winter 2023

Our Top 4 Cardigan Recommendations For Winter 2023

Maintaining the perfect balance between warm and cozy and cozy 'cool' during the coldest months of the year is all about smartly executing outfits. While you may understand exactly what you need to do to feel comfortable and warm during the winter, cold-weather styles are a different story altogether.

Coats and scarves have their place in winter fashions, and they always stay in style. However, nothing can replace comfortable and versatile women's cardigans. Trendy cardigans come in various styles, colors, and patterns. In fact, you can likely find cute cardigans to suit your wardrobe during every season.

Keep your style light and flowing when wrapping presents or decorating around the home, or choose something thicker and more substantial when you choose to step out with women's cardigans. No matter your preference or need, a collection of new arrivals and curated cardigan styles can offer you an ideal solution to whatever your day may bring. 

Here are some of our favorite trendy cardigans from the collection at Fabulous Fashion's Boutique:

Cowl Draped Cardigan Sweater by Lovestitch

Our Top 4 Cardigan Recommendations For Winter 2023

Cowlneck sweaters are a popular fashion again this winter season. While you have numerous sweater neckline options available, the cowl neckline is a loose-fitting alternative to popular turtlenecks that can keep you comfortable and chic.

Many women's inner voice tells them to avoid turtle and cowlneck sweaters because they emphasize wrinkles or look harsh against their face (don't listen to it, you look fabulous). However, cowlneck women's cardigans fit loosely around the neck, providing a flattering, elegant look while keeping you warm when the temperatures drop and start freezing.

The Cowl Draped Cardigan Sweater by Lovestitch and its draped neckline offer a relaxed cousin to the turtleneck, giving you the best of both worlds. Choose this cowl-draped neckline to provide extra warmth around your neck without feeling smothered by your own winter dress.

The Cowl Draped Cardigan by Lovestitch should immediately represent a wardrobe favorite in cold-weather with a fashionable crossover look and fringe at the base of the sweater. You can also wear these cute cardigans open or closed. Pair this top with bootcut jeans and boost to cultivate a fun western look.

Renee C Brushed Knit Cashmere Bolero Cardigan

Our Top 4 Cardigan Recommendations For Winter 2023

Fashion proverbs tell us that the cold-weather seasons are all about layering. When you wake up to the first chilly cold snap, it's time to think about layering a sweater, long-sleeve tee, and maybe another sweater just to feel safe.

Nevertheless, the way we layer winter clothes is new this season. While you could reach for a tired sweater paired with jeans or a knit skirt, a layered outfit complete with a bolero seater and a matching scarf is truly a stylish look for this winter.

The Renee C Brushed Knit Cashmere Bolero Cardigan is the ideal solution for those who love cashmere but remain turned off to its soft warmth due to the price. This sweater is soft, providing the "cashmere feel" with an open front and ¾ length sleeves.

Although the versatile jacket is lightweight, stopping right at the waist, this bolero is the perfect layer for a trendy leather or denim jacket and a shawl. Stay warm and cozy throughout the winter with an excellent way to look great all season long.

Frank Lyman Knit Cardigan Style

Our Top 4 Cardigan Recommendations For Winter 2023

Long-knit women's cardigans are great styles for anyone who adores comfortable layers. The additional length can help you feel more at ease and ensure you stay warm no matter the outside conditions.

Long cardigans are one of our favorite pieces of clothing for winter weather. The cut and comfortable additions you can wear pair well with skinny jeans, dresses, and skirts. The knit fabric is ideal for transitional seasons, such as fall to winter. It is also an excellent companion to jeans, boots, and turtlenecks finished off with the long cardigan on top.

The Frank Lyman Knit Cardigan Style #223439U is a basic style that stands out from other basic, traditional cardigan selections. The fabric is soft and warm, producing a similar feel to cashmere materials. 

The beige color might not initially look like much, but you can pair or layer this cardigan with virtually anything. Look great all winter long when dressed up or down, pairing this entry with skinny jeans or stilettos, depending on the occasion.

Renee C Ribbed Open Draped Cardigan

Our Top 4 Cardigan Recommendations For Winter 2023

With artistic, boho charm, many women find open-draped cardigans an instant staple in their wardrobe that they find themselves wearing over and over again. Long cardigans with coordinated pants pair beautifully with boots to cultivate a fashionable, trendy aesthetic that isn't going away anytime soon.

Length sweaters often double as robes (and vice versa) for an essential component in any wardrobe. However, you can easily wear a draped cardigan to look sharp while feeling cozy and comfortable at the same time. Add on some layer necklaces or a thin belt for a classy, elegant outfit.

The Renee C Ribbed Open Draped Cardigan is on trend for cold weather without appearing too dramatic. This cardigan is a must-have, purely lovely addition for this season. Flowing and feminine, the open drape front combined with block sleeves is a soft, modern twist on the classic long cardigan aesthetic.

Leaving fall and entering winter, even fashionistas need layers. Take this piece into winter and pair it with jeans and leggings, exiting into the warmer months with a genuinely three-season cardigan.

Let's Talk Wintertime Cardigans

The cardigan has quickly evolved from a librarian staple to one of this season's most surprising winter wardrobe essentials. Although women's cardigans aren't a new addition to the fashion lexicon, tastemakers today are not revisiting and incorporating designs into fashionable winter looks.

With a bit of help from Fabulous Fashions and our women's boutique online, the cardigan can serve as your go-to winter addition this season. Browse an extensive curated collection of winter fashions in the women's online boutique or simply stop by our Omaha location for a comprehensive showcase of stylish fashions from renowned designers.

To learn more about looking great with a chic new cardigan this winter, or for additional information on Famous Fashions Boutique, contact our friendly, professional team today.