Women’s Fashion: How To Layer

Women’s Fashion: How To Layer

When the air starts to get some extra teeth in its chill, you'll need to start thinking about your winter outfits. 'Tis the season to be cozy and comfortable, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style in the process. As you start to bring out fuzzy blankets and holiday decor, think about the winter pieces you have in the back of the closet. All those warm sweaters, thick jackets, and warm scarves can be used to create a stylish look if you layer them correctly.

Layering is the best way to keep warm during the cold winter months, though it can be tricky to build layers that are stylish rather than bulky. If you're wondering how to layer clothes for different looks, we can help. Below, we'll go over how to layer clothes that range from casual to formal outfits to ensure you stay stylish and warm this season.

How to Layer

When choosing any outfit, you will need to pick out the pieces you want to layer carefully. You want your look to be functional and flattering. The good news is that if you're struggling to learn how to layer clothes, there is an easy formula you can learn. Generally, you can follow these simple steps for a fashionable look: base layer, mid-layer, and outerwear. The base layer should be a simple, breathable fabric, like a cotton tee. This should be the thinnest layer, so if you find yourself in an overheated room, you'll be able to lose the thicker layers and be comfortable. The mid-layer should be thicker than the base layer. Think cozy knitwear to go over your base. For your outerwear, opt for durable jackets that will keep you warm when you're outside and will withstand harsh winter weather. 

Of course, your layering will depend on the activities you will be doing and the type of weather you're going to encounter. Different looks will require different layering possibilities, so we'll go over some of the best clothes for layering for various outfits.

Layering for Casual Looks

When you are grabbing a coffee on a Saturday morning with friends or running errands, having a cute go-to outfit will make going out on the weekends simple and easy. For casual looks, consider fun or cute tees as your base, like this black ruched shirt. It's super thin so it won't add any bulk to your look. Layer the look with this olive shacket that will keep you warm and cozy. Pair with your favorite jeans and sneakers. You can always add an outer layer if the weather is super cold.

Layering for Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities, women's flannels are a great choice. Not only are they warm, comfortable, and great for moving around, but they are also a trendy addition to an outfit. You can pair them with your most comfortable jeans or joggers. This cropped flannel shacket is excellent for layering. With its bright plaid pattern, you can pair it with a simple thermal or shirt for a cute look. If you are looking for women's flannels that are a bit longer, a plaid shacket is perfect to layer on chilly days.

Layering for the Office

Layering for the office can be tricky. You want to balance professionalism, style, and warmth all into one outfit. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be hard if you invest in some winter basics. A simple and stylishly layered outfit will have you feeling confident walking into the office on even the dreariest of days. Start with this black long-sleeve shirt as your base, then add a colorful cardigan. You can pair it with pants and outerwear that are neutral colors for a professional look that doesn't look too dull. 

Layering for a Night Out

On cold nights, it may seem hard to put together a sleek look that you feel confident wearing. You don't want to be cold, but you also want to feel fashionable too. When you need to put together a stylish outfit for a night out, layering mixed fabrics is a creative way to spice up your look. For a chic base layer, start with this zebra mesh long-sleeved top. Layer a black fur vest on top for a look that will have people saying, wow! Complete the look with black leather joggers for a fashionable night on the town.

Tips for Layering

Layering fashion doesn't have to be bulky or boring. Mixing fabrics and adding pops of color are great ways to keep you looking stylish for all occasions. The best clothes for layering are a mix of thicknesses. Always start with a thin base layer, raising thickness levels as you add layers. There are a few other tips and tricks to help you layer like a pro.

  • For an easy way to play with color, add a layer with bold color and keep the other layers neutral. 
  • Make sure your coat size will be roomy enough for multiple layers underneath.
  • Mix different fabrics. 
  • Don't forget about your accessories. Scarves, beanies, and gloves can all add to your outfit. 
  • Play with lengths. 

As you bundle up this winter season, remember that you can still look stylish and warm at the same time. It just takes a bit of effort to get the hang of layering fashion. Don't worry if layering doesn't come easily to you right away. With a bit of practice, you'll figure out how to layer clothes into outfits that you can't wait to show off. Winter might even become your favorite season for fashion! As you look around to build out your winter wardrobe, our selection of basic tees, sweaters, and outerwear is perfect for building a stylishly layered look.