Women's Fashion In The Office: Winter Edition

Women's Fashion In The Office: Winter Edition

When the temperatures drop and biting winds come around, dressing for work can seem like an impossible balancing act. After all, you want to stay warm when outside but not get too warm sitting at your desk; you want to be professional but also stay stylish. It's a lot to juggle! Especially when all you want to do during the winter season is hibernate at home in cozy pajamas with a mug of hot coffee. 

Though wearing your pajamas to work is probably not the right move for office fashion, you can still put together work-appropriate outfits that will keep you warm and comfortable as you go about your day. There are a lot of options to create a stylish and warm outfit when you know what pieces to look for. Trendy outerwear, cozy sweaters, and warm beanies are all great winter office clothes. We'll go over our top recommendations for women's office attire during the chilliest days of the year and the best tips for balancing style and warmth in your outfits.

Cozy Sweaters

Cozy knitwear is a staple in women's office attire. Versatile, warm, and sophisticated. Knitwear is the perfect layer to throw onto an outfit for extra warmth. Not only are sweaters great for winters, but they also work well in those transition months during the spring and fall. If you are looking for sweaters with versatility, opt for classic silhouettes. A crewneck sweater and a cardigan are the perfect additions to your professional wardrobe. 

This beautiful teal cardigan is great to layer with a blouse or long sleeve shirt. Though it's easy to get caught up in the dreariness of winter and choose drab colors, making a conscious effort to include color in your wardrobe can brighten your spirits. The peplum style adds a bit of fun flare to your outfit. Pair with a dark skirt or pants for a cute and professional wintery look.

A white pullover sweater is perfect to match the snowy winter wonderland happening outside the office windows. This crewneck is perfect to wear with jeans or slacks and a pair of cute booties. 

For a classic and sophisticated look, a turtleneck sweater with a classy pattern and color palette is a fabulous choice. A turtleneck sweater is perfect to wear with slacks or a long wool skirt. Neutral-colored shoes will look best with this outfit, so a pair of brown boots might work well on a snowy commute.  

Warm Outerwear

One of the biggest components of creating a warm and stylish outfit during the winter is choosing trendy outerwear. Often though, buying trendy outerwear is not prioritized enough. This leads to a lackluster style or, worse, a sloppy appearance when you show up to the office or to meet clients. Neutral-colored jackets tend to work well if you have a lot of colorful tops and bottoms. But if your wardrobe mostly consists of neutral colors, adding a coat with color is a great way to add style.

A leather sheepskin jacket is great for a casual and cool professional style. An edgy jacket will up your style game while keeping you cozy and warm. The neutral colors will work well with most outfits. Pair with dark-colored slacks or jeans and a button-up for a contemporary professional look. 

Consider a quilted jacket that is great for layering with cozy sweaters. Its versatility allows it to be paired with different colors and styles. Wear it with a colorful patterned sweater and slacks for a look that's classy yet understated.

A puffer jacket is the quintessential cold-weather garment that can keep you warm on those blisteringly cold morning commutes. These come in a variety of colors to give you the pop of color you need on a dreary winter day. Wear it with neutral colors for a bold statement when you walk into the office.

Top Tips for Winter Fashion in the Office

Picking out winter office clothes can be hard. It helps to have some tips in the back of your mind when you're putting together outfits for the office. These tips for women's office attire are intended to help you put together a look that feels like you while still keeping you warm. 

Choose Warm Fabrics

Choosing fabrics that fight away the cold, like wool or leather, are great options for women's office attire. They are generally made into sweaters, jackets, gloves, and hats. So be on the lookout for garments that include these materials.

Be Prepared for Wet Weather

When winter comes, you should be prepared for snow, ice, and sleet. Not preparing for wet weather can leave you uncomfortable at work. No one wants to slosh through the snow on their way to work and then deal with wet socks all day! It's important to choose durable footwear that can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Layers Are Always a Good Idea

When picking out office fashion for women, it's important to pick out sizes and pieces that can be layered with each other. Picking out too tight of a jacket means that you won't be able to layer it with a thick sweater. 

Office fashion for women can be tricky even during mild weather. When it comes to dressing professionally during the winter, classy, contemporary looks can be achieved by investing in well-made outerwear and cozy sweaters. Be sure to pick out a jacket that will complement the majority of your wardrobe. Sweaters are also a great layering option that will keep you warm on the commute as well as in the office. If you're looking to update or build a more professional winter wardrobe, we offer a wide selection of contemporary women's apparel that can mix well into the professional woman's wardrobe.