What to Wear to a Summer Wedding 2017

What to Wear to a Summer Wedding 2017

Finding the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding is hard. But we're here to help. 

It is here...Wedding Season. We all have summer weddings to prepare for. The gift has been sent, but now you are probably stressing over what to wear. You want to be the envy of all in your wedding outfit, at the same time you do not want to outshine the bride. One rule to always follow is to never wear solid white to a wedding... White is reserved for the bride.

With so many different venues for weddings nowadays it is difficult to know the appropriate attire. Always wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. Weddings are a happy event. We hope we can help you!

Classic/Traditional Church Wedding:

It is time to be somewhat formal at this venue.  Choose a stylish dress that hits just above the knee to the ankle.  Black is perfectly acceptable!


Outdoor Wedding:

Not quite as casual as a beach wedding and not as formal as a church wedding. Think about wearing a dressy pant outfit, or a flowing summer dress. 


Barn/Country Wedding:

This is the most casual of all. Remember that some barns do not have air conditioning.  Think about wearing something light and airy.  Dress the theme and play it up with some fun fringe and cowboy booties! 


Beach Wedding:

Maxi's are a great choice for a beach wedding as it tends to be breezy and you may not want to take the chance of your dress catching the wind and blowing up..  Otherwise, a light straight shift dress is completely appropriate.  Pair with flat strappy sandals since you will be on sand. 




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