Holiday fashion guide

Holiday Fashion Guide

The holidays can be an excellent time to kick back and enjoy parties or gatherings with family and friends. But it can also be a stressful time, as there is so much to be done, like gift giving, shopping, menu planning, and travel. What to wear to holiday parties can easily slip into the back of your mind. But with cooler weather approaching, you need to start looking for wardrobe pieces that will fit into your holiday plans. If you plan on relaxing around the fire with close friends, baking sweet treats in the kitchen with family, or heading out to glamorous parties, you need to have the right outfit to look and feel your very best.

This holiday fashion guide will help you navigate the stressful and joyful time known as the holiday season so you can easily pick out an outfit for any holiday event. Our online boutique has plenty of holiday clothing for women to suit a variety of tastes. Choose from a range of outfits covering cozy vibes to elegant winter attire until you find a style that’s all your own.

Creating a Look to Impress

It can be hard to pick out stylish holiday apparel in the winter. Trying to stay warm and elegant on chilly nights is no easy task. You have to pick out layers that will keep you warm but not look sloppy or ill-fitting. You need to choose accessories that look cute but won’t clash with your outfit. And the list goes on. It’s no wonder that procrastinating on holiday dressing is so tempting. This guide is to help you pick out outfits for multiple holiday occasions, including both casual and formal outfits. No matter what your plans are this holiday season, there are always options to stay festive and comfortable. 

Top Recommendations

Tops often take center stage in an outfit. You can choose to go with a sleek, understated look by choosing neutral colors and simple designs. Or draw attention with eye-catching colors, like green or red, to show your festive mood.  When choosing a top, think about the rest of your outfit, particularly your bottoms. You should strategically choose colors to create a complementing look. Whatever style you are going for, you can put together a look that is appropriate for a lot of different holiday occasions.

Finding a fancy top to wear for holiday office parties is tough. You might want to be formal, fun, and professional all in one outfit. This style can be a bit tricky to pull off, but with the right pieces and accessories, it’s definitely possible. This simple, long-sleeve lace shirt comes in a neutral black color. Wear it with a colorful pair of trousers or skirt for a festive yet work-appropriate look. 

Don’t forget about all the fun outdoor activities that accompany the holidays. Finding the right outfit for picking out a tree or walking through the neighborhood looking at the lights on the houses require cute pieces that can be layered if necessary. Especially when caught in some candid family photos, you want to look chic and cozy. This off-the-shoulder long-sleeve top is perfect for walking around. Keep it casual by pairing it with your favorite pair of jeans and some sneakers. 

If you’re looking for holiday apparel to wear to glam holiday parties with friends, consider this metallic tank. You can choose a metallic skirt to pair it with for an ultra-chic look. Or go with a pair of black skinny jeans for a look that is still fabulous but less formal. Fortunately, with metallic tops, you don’t need to worry too much about jewelry. Opt for a minimalist look when it comes to accessories to keep the focus on your top.  

Bottom Recommendations

It’s easy to overlook your bottoms when picking out an outfit. It’s important to have several options on hand in case you decide to go super dressy, casual, or sleek. Picking bottoms that blend well with the rest of your outfit is key to a good combination. Though, if you’re up to a stylish trend, trying out flashy bottoms could work well for you to create a holiday look you love.

Will you need a sleek look this holiday season? Perhaps you’re having dinner at a hip restaurant or off to a party at a friend’s house. Sometimes you need a formal outfit that borders on the casual cool side. This pair of faux leather pants is perfect for elevating your entire look. Though it’s a unique and striking material to use as pants, its neutral dark color allows you to pair it with seasonal colors. You could pair it with a silky jewel-tone blouse or a sweater with holiday colors for a cheery yet glamorous contemporary look. 

Are you having trouble picking out what to wear for your office holiday party? If you don’t want to spend a ton of money on specialty garments, choosing a bottom with a lot of versatility is a great option. For your holiday office party that you have to attend, keep things business casual with this pair of neutral dress pants. The possibilities are endless with this separate bottom as your base. You could pair it with a bright festive blazer in green or red. Or maybe keep things simple with a plaid button-down. If you’re looking to grab a pair of pants with a lot of possibilities, then this option is perfect for you. 

Picking out what to wear for dressy events is hard if you love to be comfortable and casual most of the time. This pleated pair of pants is super dressy yet comfortable. The pants give the illusion of being a skirt, in part due to its wide leg hem. The pants are a bit of a head-turner, so you can pair them with a simple plain shirt for an outfit that’s still formal. Jewelry always pairs well with this outfit; you could try a long necklace or dangling earrings for a put-together look. 

Outerwear Recommendations

When the weather gets cold, you need to find the right layers to make a cute outfit. Picking out jackets, sweaters, and coats isn’t easy. You should take into consideration materials, style, and color to ensure none of your outerwear will clash with the rest of your outfit. It’s helpful to think about the rest of your wardrobe to ensure you pick outerwear that is going to look good when layered with at least a few different outfits. If you have a lot of bright colors, then choosing a neutral coat will work best. If you have mostly neutral-colored clothes, then going with a colorful jacket might be exactly what you need. Also, if you wear tops with patterns a lot of the time, then sticking with a simple design ensures that you’ll be able to wear your jacket with most of your clothes.

Are you excited now that the temperatures have dropped to be outside? Just because the weather is cooler doesn’t mean you won’t be spending a fair amount of time outside. Whether you enjoy being outside in the cold or dislike anything other than July weather, you’ll need proper outerwear. For a warm jacket to take while you’re sitting around a bonfire or walking through the outdoor mall trying to cross off all the items on your holiday shopping list, this sherpa jacket is a casually cool coat. 

Do you like to stay comfortable and cozy during the cold months of the year? This puffer coat is what you need to withstand the snow and cold winds sure to roll around this holiday season. Are you looking for clothes that are bright and remind you of sunnier days? Made in a gorgeous orange color, this coat will fight away any winter dreariness. It’s also perfect for snowy activities, like snowball fights, snowshoeing, skiing, and ice skating. It will keep you warm and dry as you take part in all the fun activities.

If you are looking for the ultimate cozy jacket that you take from your couch to the outside, then this jacket is perfect for you. It’s a cross between a cardigan and a traditional jacket, so you get the comfort of a sweater and the sturdy warmth of a jacket. With this jacket’s fuzzy texture and modern design, it is sure to become your new go-to outerwear for the everyday. Wear it out on errands to the grocery store when you’re picking up baking supplies. It’s versatile and attractive, so you can wear out to lunch with friends as you catch up and talk about upcoming plans.

Accessories Recommendations

Accessories can make or break your outfit. The right cold-weather accessories will accentuate your holiday apparel and add to the overall look. Accessories that don’t work with your outfit will look out of place and clunky. Going with the same neutral colors for things like your hat, scarf, and gloves will help you to look put together.

Does walking around on your floors in the early morning give you the shivers? Finding a cute pair of slippers will save you from catching a chill around the house. For the cutest pair of slippers to wear on Christmas morning, check out this fuzzy pair. Though certainly not to everyone’s taste, it is great for those who love a little glamor in their loungewear. 

Jewelry doesn’t have to be ostentatious to make a big impression. This simple gold necklace is perfect to pair with a lot of different outfits. It goes well with neutral colors as well as flashier designs. If you like to keep things simple and classy, this necklace will elevate simple outfits into a more formal look. 

When you go out to holiday parties, you need a sleek bag that is chic but won’t pull focus from your outfit. This black fringe bag is the perfect solution to keep your belongings safe and dry while you’re out having fun. It’s a sleek option that will work well with a lot of outfits. Pair with other neutral colors, or go with bright colors for a nice contrast. 

Our Best Tips

Not sure where to get started with your fashion plans? Here are some of our best tips.

Packing for Travel

If you’re doing a lot of traveling in the car or by airplane this holiday season, we recommend packing clothes that don’t wrinkle or crease for easy suitcase-to-party situations. This way, you won’t be scrambling around looking for an iron at the last minute.

Materials Matter

Materials matter, especially in the winter season. Choose materials that will keep you warm, like flannel, sherpa, velvet, leather, or wool.

Treat Yourself

Indulge in your favorite holiday colors. Go for the classic red and green. Alternatively, pick out lovely jewel tones or eye-grabbing metallics.

Be Comfortable

Comfort is key. It’s hard to strike a perfect balance between snug and glamorous, but try to pick pieces that are soft on your skin, layer well, and provide warmth from any cold winds coming your way.


Be strategic with your accessories. Choose scarves, gloves, and hats that will keep you warm and won’t clash with your outfit. Neutral colors for these items work great to complement other brighter colors in your outfit.

At the heart of the holidays, it’s all about spending time with loved ones and having joy. There’s no reason to let holiday dressing stress you out. This holiday fashion guide is meant to help you decide on some good options for your style and preferences. Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and the holiday season. Our online boutique is full of different styles and holiday apparel to suit all occasions. We offer holiday clothing for women that is both trendy and contemporary. Check out our shipping and returns for more information on purchases. We are happy to answer any questions about orders, so please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.