Our Top 4 Outerwear Recommendations: Stay Warm & Stay Chic

Our Top 4 Outerwear Recommendations: Stay Warm & Stay Chic

By now, you should have your winter wardrobe all sorted. Unfortunately, if you haven't settled your women's outerwear for the cold season, the weather likely has already forced you into making some hasty (albeit necessary) decisions.

Nevertheless, even once you make your women's outerwear selections for the fall and winter seasons, how do you plan on styling them? You may have your winter coats at the ready for snowfall, but how do you plan on achieving that perfect, trendy outerwear look when the cold snap strikes?

Aside from shoes, a winter coat may represent the hardest-working wardrobe piece in your arsenal. Although these seemingly utilitarian staples are worthy investments to protect us from the cold, many winter "styles" leave much to be desired in terms of melding form with function.

There's nothing wrong with adding a touch of flair with trendy jackets and fashionable women's flannels this fall or winter. Read on to learn more about our top outerwear recommendations at Fabulous Fashions Boutique that can help you stay warm and chic.

Tribal Long Duster Denim Jacket

Our Top 4 Outerwear Recommendations: Stay Warm & Stay Chic

Although some think you cannot wear denim tops during the cold seasons, this couldn't be further from the truth. However, styling denim jackets comes with a few caveats - denim outerwear should be heavier-duty than other denim styles or fleece lined for warmth.

Alternatively, you can select something like our Tribal Long Duster Denim Jacket. Regarding trendy outerwear, duster coats remain a timeless staple, and every inch of fabric counts with winter dresses, cropped flares, and other stylish women's outerwear everpresent in the seasonal rotation. This season, longer coats reign supreme as stylish, cold-weather coverups.

Our Tribal Long Duster Denim Jacket is a distressed, duster-length coat offering you an updated and chic twist on the classic jean jacket. You can add some unexpected excitement to casual looks no matter how you choose to style the effortless piece.

Pair this deceptively comfy denim duster while utilizing layers. Adorn a thermal turtleneck beneath a knit sweater and complete the look with the duster on top for a cozy, on-trend aesthetic.

Cable Knit Mock Neck Cozy Sweater by Lovestitch

Our Top 4 Outerwear Recommendations: Stay Warm & Stay Chic

Winter fashion is all about trendy jackets, but knitwear sweaters are warm, cozy, and stylish cold-weather staples that never go out of style. Match this Cable Knit Mock Neck Cozy Sweater by Lovestitch with pants and boots, layered with a trench coat.

White shirts and sweaters are also in, matching perfectly with leather leggings and boots or with jeans, ankle boots, and a leather jacket for an edgy, layered aesthetic in the chilly climate.

The Cable Knit Mock Neck Sweater keeps you warm and toasty this season and provides a hip women's outerwear look with contrast rub detail, fun pompoms, and an elegant earthy color that can help you truly stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, this sweater can represent your ultimate winter warrior sweater, keeping you warm and comfortable even on the coldest days.

Frank Lyman Motto Jacket

Our Top 4 Outerwear Recommendations: Stay Warm & Stay Chic

If you want to stay comfortable and in style this winter, you should probably consider investing in a leather jacket. After all, leather cladding remains the perfect all-around choice for every season outerwear. Leather jackets provide a soft texture and a unique style, offering a combination you simply cannot find elsewhere.

The Frank Lyman Motto Jacket Style #223405U is perfect for layering, helping you stay warm and comfortable as temperatures begin to drop. The leather jacket should obviously represent your outermost layer. However, you can bundle up with a sweater or button-up underneath to create a stunning three-layered outfit.

There is no better time than winter to rock a pair of boots. Your favorite pair looks excellent worn in conjunction with a great-looking leather jacket like the Frank Lyman Motto Jacket.

Nonetheless, a key component to remember in your cold-weather look is pairing boots in the same color as your trendy jacket to ensure a clean, cohesive aesthetic.

Hey You Flannel Cowboy Duster

Our Top 4 Outerwear Recommendations: Stay Warm & Stay Chic

As mentioned earlier, duster jackets are ideal layering pieces, and women's flannels are "in" for this winter fashion season. Adding a duster layering piece can refresh an entire wardrobe from fall through winter, making an entire wardrobe feel brand new.

Available as both jackets and sweaters, dusters are easy enough for almost anyone to incorporate into everyday cold-weather outfits. At the same time, a duster offers enough flair to keep styles from feeling too predictable.

You'll want to choose an appropriate material for the winter season, and flannel won't disappoint. The thicker, warmer fabric is a stellar choice for warm jackets, and you can fit a belt around the waist of the flannel duster to keep cozy while wearing it closed.

The Hey You Flannel Cowboy Duster is a perfect layering companion for winter clothing to help keep you warm and ideally provide excellent adornments worn over short sleeve tops, enabling you to get more wear out of them as the seasons change to warmer temperatures.

Elevate Your "Cool" Factor with Trendy Outerwear

Cold-weather fashion strategies help keep you warm while celebrating the cold weather in style. Although perennial additions like quilted jackets and down coats always remain in style, a new wave of fabric additions like flannels, denim, and leathers seem to be sweeping the winter fashion game.

If you're looking to stay warm while adding some form to your function for the total stylistic package, top off your seasonal look with one of Fabulous Fashions Boutiques' coats, sweaters, or jackets and show off your cozy cool aesthetic.

You can browse our extensive, curated apparel collection and new arrivals while shopping online or stop by Fabulous Fashions in Omaha to glimpse our showcase of fashion designer apparel and accessories for the contemporary woman.

To learn more about how we can help keep you warm and in style this winter with our wonderful high-end fashion selections, contact Fabulous Fashions Boutique today for additional information!