Our Top 5 Recommended Holiday Outfits

Our Top 5 Recommended Holiday Outfits

Whether you're going to be hosting family and friends this holiday season or you're going to be on the move, coming up with cute holiday outfits for when you spend time with loved ones can seem unimportant. That is, until you find yourself desperately searching for an outfit at the last minute. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of the holidays, and you might find yourself giving so much of your time and energy to others that you forget about taking time for yourself. Having a cute outfit that you feel great in is a small way to take care of yourself during the holidays.

You don't have to be overdressed or fancy with holiday outfits to feel awesome unless glam looks are your thing. We'll go over some family-friendly outfits that are cute, comfortable, and cozy. We'll also go over some tips to utilize what's already in your closet so if you can only shop for one or two boutique holiday clothes items; you can still create a new look that will look great in all the family photos.

Neutral Layers

If you're looking for a simple, classy outfit for your holiday apparel, then neutral layers are a perfect choice. It's easy to put together and appropriate for a bunch of different occasions. Plus, the pieces are super versatile, so you'll be able to wear them outside of the holiday season. You may even have some similar pieces already in your closet, in which case you can choose to update the look as much as you'd like. For your base layer, start with a long sleeve white top. Then layer this elegant knit cardigan over it. Pair with these boot cut jeans and white sneakers for a cute and simple look. 

Warm in Plaid

Warm plaid flannel shirts are popular during the colder months. Plaid flannel is a staple in holiday apparel, as its practicality and style invoke a warm and cozy vibe. This plaid shacket is perfect for keeping warm while you are on the go this holiday season. Depending on how cold it is, you can either use it as a jacket or layer under outerwear. Its green color is especially festive for the holidays. You can pair them with skinny jeans for a festive no-fuss look that you can wear while picking out a tree, having a snowball fight, or just hanging out by the fire with your family.

Comfy Sets

Much of the magic of the holiday season happens on Christmas morning, surrounded by your loved ones. Having a cute set of loungewear for hanging out with family is essential if you like to prioritize your comfort. This simple gray sweatshirt and joggers will be awesome to wear as you sip hot chocolate next to the Christmas tree. Pair with your favorite crazy Christmas socks to really get in the holiday spirit.

Festive Colors

It's fun to get festive with your outfits by incorporating red and green colors. Even if they aren't quite as bright or eye-catching as the lights on your Christmas tree, subtle pops of green and red in your outfit can show your holiday spirit. If you're looking for boutique holiday clothes to add to your closet, this lighthearted shirt features a red holiday slogan that reads, "eat, drink, and be merry." This perfect base is great on its own, but if you are looking to add a bit more warmth to your outfit, you can layer it with this green shacket. The dark green subtly complements the festive shirt nicely, making it a great option to add to your family gathering outfits.

Holiday Glam

Picking out family gathering outfits is not easy. You want to be sophisticated but also family-friendly. If you like to look your best for events, then finding a great formal top to wear with a variety of bottoms is important. A simple trick to not sacrificing glam when picking out what to wear to family dinners and parties is to focus on the materials. A beautiful satin long-sleeve blouse is great for when you want to dress up but is still appropriate. Pair with skinny jeans for a less formal look, or pick out your favorite pair of slacks if you want to elevate the look. Finish the look off with this beautiful silver cross necklace.

Tips For Putting Together an Outfit

When you start to get into the rush and stress of the holiday season, quickly putting together outfits in a pinch can be a much-needed time saver. Here are some of our best tips for creating a look you'll love to wear for family gatherings.

Wear Layers

No matter how much you prepare, the weather during the holidays can make it hard to dress practically. Dressing in layers is key to keeping warm and comfortable as you move from the car outside and into heated houses. You don't want to bundle up for the frigid cold outside, only to sweat a lot once you get inside. Layers will allow you to take something off once you get inside or add more when you leave. 


Adding festive accessories to a simple look can turn your outfit into something new. If you don't want to spend a ton of money buying boutique holiday clothes, then updating your look with new accessories can be a great way to add sparkle to your outfit. 

Picking out cute holiday outfits can be a fun and creative way to express yourself. You don't need to go overboard picking out boutique holiday clothes to create a look you love. Often a statement shirt or fun holiday colors are easy ways to put together classy family-friendly looks. We offer a wide selection of women's clothing that includes all the pieces you need to create a cozy and fun holiday outfit.