Ready For Spring? Your Wardrobe Should Be Too!

Ready For Spring? Your Wardrobe Should Be Too!

Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner! This means you'll soon be casting off your heavy coats and thick sweaters in favor of lighter layers and brighter colors.   

But before you start buying all the spring clothing trends that come your way, it's a good idea to consider how any new purchases will work with the clothes you have and the styles you prefer. This way, it'll be easier to transition to dressing for warmer weather without losing your identity among all the hottest current styles. 

So, what clothes for spring should you be considering for the coming season and why? Let's take a look!

Light Jacket

With the longer days and warmer weather coming, the first item you'll want to shed is your thick winter coat. But evenings can still get chilly, especially in early spring. This is where a light jacket comes in very handy!

Trenches, plaid sockets, and blazers are all perfect for this time of year, as they keep you from freezing without weighing down your look. But our absolute favorite has to be this denim jacket. It's perfect for pairing with everything from formal pants to casual leggings to pretty floral dresses. In short, it's going to be one of the hardest-working items in your closet this spring, as well as pretty much every year. 

Don't be afraid of wearing a denim jacket with jeans or denim shorts either. The so-called "Canadian tuxedo" double denim trend is a big hit for 2023! 

Sun Hat

Hats are both practical and stylish, and none more so than this paper braid sun hat. Adding warm-weather details like a woven sun hat to a more transitional look, such as jeans and a thin white sweater, can give your ensemble a lift and take your basics in a whole new direction. 

What's more, this sun hat is packable and crushable. This makes it perfect for taking with you to the beach or on vacation come summer! And the neutral color means that it'll go with all your spring fashion looks, from bright prints to flouncy florals. 

Boho Top

Spring fashion can be challenging since it's often not warm enough for light summer dresses but too sunny for the dark clothes we often favor in winter. A good way to get around this problem is to tap into current fashion trends, such as a hot new color or silhouette, and work it into a more spring-appropriate look. 

Case in point, this Kye Mi-inspired boho floral top. The eye-catching mustard yellow fabric, complete with ditsy florals and 70s-style fluted sleeves ensures that this blouse is perfect for spring and summer 2023. But the long sleeves mean that it won't feel too much to slip this on in early spring.

We love this piece with jeans and a light jacket for now, but it will also be perfect paired with a skirt or shorts in high summer. Or, if you like the idea of a boho top but prefer a more neutral color, this white peasant top is a great alternative!

White Jeans

Not ready to swap your trusty jeans for linen slacks or dresses just yet? White jeans are the perfect way to look and feel more spring-ready without getting too far out of your comfort zone. 

These Joe's Jeans the Scout in pristine white are the perfect example of a transitional piece that you'll pull on year in, year out. Featuring a straight leg, mid-rise silhouette, and rolled hems, these jeans are relaxed without being slouchy. They're also cut from vintage stretch denim with an authentic weave quality, promising long-lasting style, and substance. 

While the weather's still a little cool, you can ground your white jeans looks with dark accessories such as a black or brown belt and black ballet flats. Add a leather jacket or a dark blazer, and you're good to go until it's time to shed a layer or two. 

Monogram Tote Bag Set

If there's one item that can make a spring-ready look feel disjointed, it's a black bag.

Don't worry, we're not suggesting that you trade in all your classic leather accessories for trending fashion pieces whenever the season changes. A black bag can still work in warmer weather if it goes with the outfit you're wearing. But if you're rocking a light blouse, jeans, and sandals, a black bag can sometimes look a little out of place--no matter what brand it is.  

This monogram tote set, complete with a cross-body and wallet in the same fabric, is a great way to bring your look into spring in one easy step. You can always buy the pieces separately if you prefer. But we love the way that the whole set gives you all kinds of options when it comes to making both your leisure and workwear spring looks ready for the warmer weather.  

On-Trend Clothes for Spring

Shopping for a new season can be a little overwhelming at times. Especially when everyone is trying to convince you that you simply must have this new piece or your wardrobe is incomplete without a certain item in every color. 

But here at Fabulous Fashions, we believe in the power of smarter shopping. What you should be aiming for is an updated wardrobe rather than a whole new closet of clothes for spring. This ensures that your clothes still feel like you but also that you're ready for the new season ahead with lots of great looks and plenty of confidence in your style. 

Check out our new arrivals for all the latest looks, or contact us for more information. If you're ever in town, be sure to check out our Omaha boutique!