What To Wear: Transitioning From Winter To Spring

What To Wear: Transitioning From Winter To Spring

We do not go straight from Winter into Summer so neither should how we dress.  Many of us have a difficult time deciding what to wear during the changes from season to season.  The weather is a rollercoaster and we just do not know what to wear from day to day! By this time of year we are all ready to put our heavy, drab winter clothes to bed, and for the most part we should.  Start moving the heaviest sweaters and coats to the back of your closet and start pulling out some color.  Here are a few tips that might help you on your quest to wear the perfect outfit for the transition.

  • Layering: This is a great option when it is not quite warm enough to wear just a tee.. slip a cardigan, aviator jacket or medium weight blazer over ...ditch the heavy coat.  It will warm throughout the day and you may be able to remove that
lighter layer
  • Pop a Color: This goes right along with the layering option.  Wear a bright pink, or coral, cami, or tee underneath that Spring sweater or jacket.
  • Wear White:  Did you know that white is an all year color?  You do not have to wait for any special holiday to come and go before it is acceptable to wear white. Get those white jeans out to brighten your look.
  • Wear your plaid: Don't put away those plaids or flannels yet...These button up tops make great little jackets over tees, tanks or a cami.  Pair them with your denim shorts on warmer days.
  • Wear pumps, wedges, ballerina flats, or open toed shoes...Especially the ones with bright colors

So in a Nutshell: 

Put Away:  The heavy sweaters, coats and boots

Continue to Wear:  The lighter cardigans and pull over sweaters, leather jackets, plaids, and blue jeans. Layering is the best!

Start Wearing: Bright Colors, Denim Shorts, Jean Jackets, 3/4 length cardis

What NOT to Where...YET: Spaghetti Straps, Short Shorts, Sun Dresses, or Halters (Without a layering piece). Spring is just beginning and there will be plenty of time to wear your Summer Wardrobe :)








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